What We DoIn 1948, The Australian Liberal Students' Federation was founded:

with the mission of fostering the Liberal philosophy among tertiary students in Australia. We coordinate the activities of all Liberal Clubs on university campuses across the country, and organize national campaigns on issues that matter to Liberal students.

As advocates for the Liberal Party of Australia and its candidates and elected officials, we are committed to protecting mainstream Australian values, including:

  • The separation of powers, with a Parliament that controls the Executive and the law that controls all
  • The independence of the judiciary
  • Freedom of speech, religion, and association
  • The right of citizens to choose their own way of living, as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others
  • Protecting people against exploitation
  • Encouraging individual initiative and enterprise as the driving force of progress
  • Cultivating a strong national spirit in Australia.

As a leading voice for the Liberal philosophy on university campuses across Australia, the Australian Liberal Students’ Federation is committed to fighting against the hard-left and educating our peers about the dangers of socialism and communism. Join us in our efforts to promote freedom, individual rights, and economic prosperity.

Our Federal PatronIan Goodenough MP

As the Federal Patron of the Australian Liberal Students' Federation, Ian Goodenough MP brings a wealth of experience and passion to our cause. Elected to Parliament in 2013, Ian currently serves as the Second Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Ian has deep roots in student politics, having studied at Curtain University where he earned a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA. Prior to entering Parliament, he served as a Councillor for the City of Wanneroo, and held a position on the State Executive of the Liberal Party of Australia (WA Division).

Born in Singapore, Ian has a unique perspective on the challenges faced by immigrant communities, which has helped him be a strong advocate for his constituents in the House of Representatives and a dedicated activist for the Liberal Party in Western Australia. We are proud to have Ian as our Federal Patron.



New South Wales

  • University of Newcastle Liberal Students
  • Macquarie University Liberal Club
  • University of NSW Liberal Club
  • Notre Dame University Liberal Club
  • Western Sydney University Liberal Club
  • Sydney University Liberal Club
  • University of Wollongong Liberal Club

West Australia

  • Curtin University Liberal Club
  • Edith Cowan University Liberal Club
  • Murdoch University Liberal Club
  • Notre Dame (Freemantle) Liberal Club
  • University of Western Australia Liberal Club

Australian Capital Territory

  • Australian National University Liberal Club
  • University of Canberra Liberal Society


  • Melbourne University Liberal Club
  • RMIT Liberal Club
  • Monash University Liberal Club
  • Swimburne Liberal Students’ Society
  • Deakin University Liberal Club
  • St Patrick’s Liberal Club (ACU)


  • University of Tasmania Liberal Club

South Australia

  • Adelaide University Liberal Club

Authorised by Kisara Perera, Australian Liberal Students’ Federation, 59 Blackall Street, Barton ACT 2600