ProtégéNavy’s Twerk Fiasco is a National Embarrasment

April 14, 2021

You really have to see it to believe it. Today Sailors and various other Government officers and Bureaucrats began to gather to witness the commissioning of the new Navy ship the HMAS Supply.

The commissioning of a new ship is a tradition that goes back many years in English and Australian naval tradition, an occasion that brings to mind images of Sailors, flags and a whole heaps of pomp and ceremony. All for a good cause, to wish the crew of the new ship well and to recognise the dangerous job that crews in the Navy are faced with every day while they serve our nation.

However, the sight that met all of those military men and women was the site of a dance crew twerking to hip hop music instead.

How the enemies and adversaries of Australia must be trembling in their boots tonight knowing that we will twerk at them if they dare to threaten our national interest.

How inspired the new crew of the ship must have been to know that this is what they were serving their nation and risking their lives for.

This is nothing short of an immense national embarrassment that speaks to a larger issue of a failing Australian culture struggling to remain independent of an Americanised pop-cultural societal influence.

Who in their right mind at the Department of Defence thought that having that display associated with an event with the Governor General of our country, and all of the other military men and women present was a good idea. They ought to have their head read.

Our Defence Department seems to be far more interested in appearing “cool” and woke than it is in focusing on their key role. Maybe if the Bureaucrats at the DOD were focused on their key work they wouldn’t be having these brain fades.

The commissioning of a new ship into the service of our Navy should be an opportunity for Australia to demonstrate strength, to tell the world that our uncompromising values of democracy and freedom will not be challenged by any foreign power. Instead, we showed them how out of step our Department of Defence is with reality.

In a time where many Australians are concerned about world tension, our national security and our place in the world, to show this as the image of Australia’s strength at sea and in the world is nothing short of a disgrace.

Whoever organised this in the Department of Defence should apologise to the Governor General and to the crew of that ship, and importantly also apologise to the people of Australia.

The defence department’s incredibly weak response to the media’s questions about the event stated:

HMAS Supply and the Royal Australian Navy are committed to working with Australians from all backgrounds in actively supporting local charities and community groups,”

What a joke.

There is a time and a place for “actively supporting local charities and community groups” and the commissioning of a new ship may very well be a good occasion to do so, but this “dance” routine is in very poor taste.