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The tolerant left burn posters at Adelaide University – Media release

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  • The Australian reports on the fraudulent loss of 900k of student money from the University of Western Australia Guild.

    Guild councillor Aiden Depiazzi said Mr Henderson and the guild’s managing director Wayne Howells had mishandled the incident and should step aside.

    “As a member-based organisation we should have shared this with the students as soon as we knew about it,” he said.

    “Members are forced to pay their SSAF money and they deserve to know where it’s going. We are elected to represent the student body to protect their interests and we’re only being allowed restricted access to this report.”

    Liberal senator urges police to investigate alleged uni fund ‘theft’
    A LIBERAL Senator has written to the West Australian police commissioner urging him to investigate almost $1 million allegedly siphoned from the account of a university union.
  • The Harper competition review has backed ALSF's long-running call for the abolition of parallel imports of books.

    A vital micro-economic reform to allow the importation of lower-cost textbooks for students,

    LIKE and SHARE if you support cheaper books.

    Freer market will boost growth
    PROPOSED changes that could inject greater competition into provision of government services would boost economic growth, ­according to Australia’s productivity tsar, who has cautioned against allowing reforms to be “knocked down by vested interests”.