Liberal students welcome Labor stalwarts calling for book import reform

The Australian Liberal Students’ Federation has welcomed the recent Harper Competition Review and two senior former Labor ministers, Craig Emerson and Bob Carr, calling for the abolition of the crushing parallel import restrictions on books […]

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Liberal students hit out at unrepresentative and disruptive student protests

The Australian Liberal Students’ Federation (ALSF) has condemned today’s student protests as disruptive and unrepresentative .

“The vast majority of students are in class today, they’re studying, they’re in lectures and tutorials. A tiny minority, less […]

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Students slam Senate rejection of higher education reform

The Australian Liberal Students’ Federation, the representative body of liberal students, has condemned the Australian Senators who voted against higher education reform tonight.

ALSF spokesperson Matthew Lesh said that the rejection of the compromise proposal hurts […]

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National Union of Students in junkets scandal

The National Union of Students (NUS) have been caught out spending student money on extravagant junkets across Australia for national executive members.

Despite facing financial turmoil and an accountability crisis, with unreported deficits totaling $366,360 in […]

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Email our Senators: Support higher education reform

With substantial propaganda floating around it is vital to make our Senators aware that many students do support the proposed set of reforms.
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